Week 10, 11 + 12 – MI2 Reflection

The semester is done…it’s a bittersweet feeling.

In the last three weeks, we’ve wrapped up six successful industry seminars, learned about freelancing, written 3000 words about our experiences in the real world and meeting professionals in our dream jobs; it’s been a ride.

Even though there were frustrating assignments and countless group meetings, I have found this course to be very rewarding overall. It taught me that sometimes there’s no right time, so in life you should just go for things with positive expectations. The Personal Networking assignments were perhaps my biggest challenge – I had coffee with three of the four I interviewed and it ended up being my favorite thing I did this semester! I’m glad we were encouraged to do this.

As for the seminar, I have never felt more satisfied and happy when it all ran smoothly despite a few hiccups. It’s definitely something I’ll never forget.

I have attended every group meeting and lecture, as well as approach each of my assignments with positivity and enthusiasm. I also contributed where I could and made sure to give everything – whether it be creating a costume or organising an interiew – my all and my best, even when it scared me. For these reasons – and others, of course, check out my weekly reflections! – I give myself a HD (90%) grade overall.

I still have a long way to go, but I think MI2 has given me a good grounding to enter the workforce. I won’t expect too much, but I also won’t expect too little. I’ll be confident in what I know, and be willing to learn things I don’t know. The career path I want could shift and my goals could change, but if there’s one thing I’ll always strive to be, it’s “happy”.

Week 10, 11 + 12 – MI2 Reflection

Week 10 – MI2 Reflection – The Sixth Seminar

I cannot believe we’ve come to the end of our WANTED: RMIT seminar series. The team behind ON THE LINE certainly ended it with a bang!

CONTENT was relevant and informative – HD

Despite having a fourth guest cancel last-minute, the content throughout was extremely insightful and engaging. The guests who didn’t cancel – Anna Horan , Beatrix Coles and Steinar Ellingsen – were great picks, and offered great insight into digital and social media. Since I’m personally interested in the field, I could be biased, but there were lots of ideas explored and advice given.

This is not photoshopped.

APPROACH was coherent and engaging – HD

The approach was extremely appropriate and the event structure was well-planned.  I can’t recall the exact titles of each section, but I do remember they were fitting and tied into the Matrix-inspired theme. Something I loved was how instead of including a “Q&A” portion at the end of the event, they opted for neon glow sticks and matching bracelets for each audience member; if you had a question – you could wave your glow stick and have it answered at any point!

THEME was executed with originality and style – HD

The Matrix-inspired theme may not be totally original, but it was definitely engaging! Upon entering the seminar, there were black curtains with green ‘data’ painted on them, and the door gifts included plastic shot glasses with either red or blue lollies, which was fun. The seminar was darkly lit with tinges of green (cellophane over the lights!), yet the guests were still visible. The hosts (who did a fantastic job hosting) and crew members wore all black (the female host had a trench coat!) and ended up looking both Matrix-ish and very stylish.

This one is a little bit photoshopped. For visibility purposes.

STAGING was professional – HD

I was particularly impressed with the powerpoint presentation, which was filled with moving graphics and profile rundowns of each guests. Similar promos had been released throughout the week, so I admired how everything tied in together. The lights, cameras and audio were pretty much perfect throughout.

PROMOTION was varied and timely – HD

The trailer was so good! I think the social media team did a great job in advertising the event. Colour-coding worked very well for them, as the use of black and green was instantly recognisable, both online and in public.

Week 10 – MI2 Reflection – The Sixth Seminar

Week 9 – MI2 Reflection – The Fifth Seminar (Mine!)

I am incredibly proud of my group!!!

Everyone arrived bright and early at 8:00am this morning (don’t ask me how we did it, but we did), ready to go! Since the seminar room wouldn’t be open for a while, we started preparing the food table. The guys sourced some awesome tables from a room nearby and thankfully I brought three tablecloths because one wasn’t enough. They were different colours but somehow it still worked. We finished this part a bit early, so I helped out with setting up technical equipment and running through staging. Everyone else was also crossing over roles; there was a point where I watched everyone pitching in, feeling so proud about how supportive we’d become of each other.

Then the unthinkable happened, one of our lovely hosts – Michael – fell ill. It may have been the early start, or the hauling of heavy props to the seminar room, but he just wasn’t up for presenting and took off early. We were crushed! But of course, health comes first. Still, he was looking quite dapper in his suit. We wished him well and our remaining host – Angeline – was fine to run the show on her own. However, we were blessed. It turns out all Simon – our tech / video editor / behind-the-scenes guy – needed was Michael’s questions and he was good to go; an impromptu MC! Not only that, he had a silver-grey suit in tow (ahem, don’t mind me and my fashion reviews) = perfection.

At about 10:30am I fixed all the girls with the purple scarves I made, fastening them each with a gold ring in the middle. We all looked very classy and uniformed – I was so happy about it. I also made matching pocket squares for the guys, but for some annoying reason they all had blazers with ‘fake’ pockets! All this stitched lining and no pockets. Fashion.

11:30am rolled around quicker than I expected and the seminar room was filling up with more people than had responded to our Facebook invite – it was crazy! Then the worst thing happened – we ran out of food! It’s funny because 3 hours ago we looked at our table, thinking it was too much: cupcakes, brownies, jellies, chocolate, meat and cheese platter, sushi, spring rolls and tapioca cake. We may have thought along International lines, but what we failed to consider was how much of a buffet it appeared to be, and the fact that every patron would take one of each thing to put on their plate. Oops. But the audience count totally went out of our control!

Everything ran smoothly for the most part, and I was smiling the entire time. I believe everyone learned a lot from our guests and enjoyed the overall aesthetic. What I take pride in most was our group work. I admit there were a few doubts here and there, but every single person pulled through!

Here are a few photos I took:

Cupcakes, brownies and chocolate coins, oh my!
Cupcakes, brownies and chocolate coins, oh my!
A, C, J and me, E, at your service.
Week 9 – MI2 Reflection – The Fifth Seminar (Mine!)

Week 8 + 9 – MI2 Reflection

I can’t believe there are literally 7 days left before our seminar.

Our biggest struggle thus far has been booking guests. Several people seem promising, however something always comes up last minute that prevents them from committing to the date! Thankfully, it doesn’t affect the design team too much, we’ve been able to finalise catering, costumes and props. There are seven of us in total, each doing specific things.

I offered to purchase fabric and make classy waitress scarves. I wish I actually had a sewing machine to achieve this look (above), however to ensure affordability (of fabric + time I have), I need to settle for another style (below).


It seems very flight attendant-y, however I hope the furniture we hire is enough to simulate a transit lounge, which – as I’ve mentioned before – is not on a plane, just part of the airport. Regardless, you read it here first, we are waitresses.

I10645108_10204139507023101_8197025776044321351_n also went shopping for other tidbits and came across these! My group voted for the martini glasses, so I bought one for each guest. #SuperClass

When I got home I started working on a “flight schedule”, which was to be a big poster that outlined the event structure. Since we had spent so much already, we thought printing programs (like the previous weeks) might be a waste – not only of money but of time – and that the audience would enjoy referring to the poster (which would be hung on the wall).

Meanwhile, we have a working promo poster which means our Facebook event is up and running! Join us: https://www.facebook.com/events/1518268791743908/

So far, I’m really proud of us. Everyone has been responding efficiently and attending all meetings (myself included). It was a slow start but I think we’re coming together well. I also think our enthusiasm has suddenly jumped up a few levels because the day is so close (and luckily for us, we’ve seen enough seminars to prepare ourselves for literally anything that could go wrong). Every single member appears o be trying their hardest to make things bigger and better, which in turn inspires me to do the same! This just in: happiness is contagious.

Week 8 + 9 – MI2 Reflection

Week 8 – MI2 Reflection – The Fourth Seminar

It’s FILM time! Today’s seminar came to us from the team behind REEL CRIMES.

CONTENT was relevant and informative – HD

It was certainly film-industry focused and the guests – Nadia Tass, Trevor Blainey and Veronica Gleeson – were appropriate and fantastic. I enjoyed how they engaged with each other; they seemed to enjoy each other’s company, which was nice. They all had different points of view and spoke in-depth about their experiences. They especially provided good advice in the Q&A portion of the seminar. Overall, I was inspired!

APPROACH was coherent and engaging – HD

It was smart move to do a panel-style seminar, I believe it really set the tone and looked very professional. The seminar structure was appropriate and well-executed. The 90 minutes ran quite smoothly.

THEME was executed with originality and style – D

There could have been a little more effort in the set design, however the seminar fulfilled its purpose in that it was informative and eye-opening. The “Reel Crimes” title was a nice touch.

STAGING was professional – D

Everything was set up quite well, except for a few glitches in the audio. Like I mentioned, the large panel table looked very formal and professional. The elevated stage was also useful, as you could see the guests from anywhere in the room. The lighting was great, however one particular light was shining directly on one of the guests’ face and I think she appeared to be quite red at the end!

So I brought a permanent marker, what’s your point?

PROMOTION was varied and timely – HD

The trailer was particularly enjoyable, and the promotion was planned out well throughout the week.

P.S. I was a huge dork and got my DVDs signed by Nadia Tass, both of which she directed! She was the coolest. By the way if you haven’t seen these two films, get onto it. Australian classics.

Week 8 – MI2 Reflection – The Fourth Seminar

Week 7 – MI2 Reflection

Everyone in my group is pretty good in responding to Facebook posts and emails. We’re having a little trouble with guests though, because our dream “International” professionals are – you guessed it  – ALL OVERSEAS. If you know anyone who’s worked overseas and is currently in Melbourne, please let us know, that’d be great.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking of social media strategies, as I’ve volunteered for online marketing. It’s kind of difficult to get word out in under a week, but with the tight turnaround of each seminar, we can’t promote until the previous group’s event is done. I’ve thought of sharing one image / one guest at least twice a day for the days leading up to the seminar. We also have a trailer in the works, so I can’t wait to share that!

We’ve met about three times this week, and I don’t feel the meetings have been very productive, for the sole reason that we can’t book guests. I must say, there was a tiny bit of tension when a few members suggested guests that other guests didn’t particularly like. It was awkward, but expected in a 15-member group. I tried to remain neutral without praising any side, rather, I kept stressing that our roles needed to be more specific. There was a clear balance of leaders and followers within the group. Eventually, we assigned one leader per guest, so they could liaise with them one-on-one. They would also be responsible for them for guiding them on the day.

I am part of the design team and we are all responsible for bringing or ordering a specific food or thing on the day, so there’s no need to worry about overlapping. That’s not to say that we had no issues; there may have been a few creative differences among us, through which I bit my tongue more than once. I normally find myself compromising to make others’ happy, but also as a way to respect their choices. All in all, we kept our focus on the heist/transit lounge theme, and made decisions about our creative input according to that.

Our ‘in-progress” poster.
Week 7 – MI2 Reflection

Week 7 – MI2 Reflection – The Third Seminar

The stylish team behind the FEMME FATALE: WOMEN KILLING IT IN THE MEDIA INDUSTRY had me hooked from the first trailer! (See it here.)

CONTENT was relative and informative – HD

The seminar was certainly relevant and informative! The guests – Jenni Tosi, Brodie Lancaster and Elizabeth McCarthy – had lots to say, and were very honest in addressing reality, which is that 3% of the media industry are females.

APPROACH was coherent and engaging – HD

My white nail polish was coincidentally appropriate.

I definitely loved their approach, especially at a time where feminism is booming (or finally being understood, rather). The title was a brilliant pun and throwback to film noir, as was the set design and promotional materials. I liked Michael’s introduction as the host, saying something along the lines of having a male host was to ensure that today’s seminar is strictly not a platform for male-haters!

THEME was executed with originality and style – HD

Absolutely original, if not film-noir inspired. In fact, the whole “femme fatale” theme was perfectly fitting as the female actors back in the day ruled that particular genre. From the fairy-lighted stage to the team dressed in black and white with red lips, everything was executed very stylishly. STAGING was professional – D The overall sound was alright, if I remember correctly there were a few glitches but nothing too bad. I suppose the fact that there were only three guests instead of four (like the previous weeks) made it easier microphone-wise, as the host had one the whole time. The seminar was well-lit, had a dark room feeling but I could see the guests perfectly.

PROMOTION was varied and timely – HD

The promotion was consistent, appropriate, and enticing. I even noticed several posters up in a variety of places within the campus, rather than just one building.  Great use of all networking platforms, without too much spamming.

Week 7 – MI2 Reflection – The Third Seminar